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Title: Very Bad Things
Characters: John (Sherlock)
Prompt: 098. Author's choice [lists]
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: It’s the little things at first, like shooting cabbies and carrying an illegal firearm, but then it escalates.
Spoilers: A Study in Pink
Author's Notes: I guess the spoiler is pretty much only in the summary. Huh. Anyway. This is because I paused A Study in Pink on an oddly evocative screencap and I had to mess around with it and then I was listening to Adele's Rolling in the Deep and I plucked a quote from it and pasted it on the dinky little graphic and then I wondered what it meant and thought I should elaborate in fic form but then I got lazy so it's only a drabble. Aaaaaaaand breathe. Whew. This explanation is longer than the drabble, I just know it. Especially now.

There are some things John will not do, a meticulously constructed list of Very Bad Things that Dr. John Watson would never do, not even if other people do them to him first, not even if his life depends on it. It’s compiled of heinous, wretched things, things he hasn’t done since he got back from Afghanistan, things he’s sworn to never do again.

This list sometimes goes missing when he’s around Sherlock.

It’s not intentional; he doesn’t fold it up and tuck it away on purpose when Sherlock comes round.

He just has more important things to worry about.

I'm done now.
Tags: 100, drabble, fic, graphics, sherlock
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