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Title: I Want Your Heart (And the Cage of Your Ribs that It Comes In)
Characters: Sherlock, John
Prompt: 04. Insides
Word Count: 365
Rating: PG
Summary: Sherlock wonders about John's bones.
Spoilers: Don't think so.
Author's Notes: Part 1 of a thing.

Sherlock can’t be certain, of course, without a dissection or some sort of traumatic accident, but he imagines John has thick, strong bones. Something in the shake of his hand when they meet outside the door to the flat seeds the idea in his mind.

He had watched the tight, gripping flex of John’s fingers on the ergonomic handle of his cane, seen the clutched-white knuckles and shifting tendons and envisioned the bones beneath the skin; compact, strong.

Later, he’d watched him stretch after hunching over his keyboard, torturously hunting and pecking out a blog entry. The snaps and pops of John’s straightening spine fascinated him; the glide and flare of his shoulder blades was riveting.

His knees creaked when he stands, sometimes, and Sherlock spends the whole time John shuffles past him still and silent in his chair, aching for some clue, some hint of sound to add to his growing catalogue of John. (Bones and a heart and ears that stick out and a perfect, perfect handshake)

John walks in on Sherlock one day in the sitting room. Sherlock is standing and staring at the place on the mantelpiece where Mrs. Hudson no longer lets him keep the skull. He turns suddenly and stalks to John, keeping him in place with a hand splayed wide across his upper arm. Sherlock leans over John, around him. Sternum pressed into his shoulder, breath feathering up his hair, Sherlock inspects the back of John’s neck, the bottom of his skull.

Carefully, he leans back and drags his palm up, smoothing it through John’s hair and walking his fingers around to the nape of his neck.

In response to John’s questioning look Sherlock clears his throat and tenses his fingers, feeling the silk of John’s hair slip against his hand. “The protrusion of your occipital bone is…” Sherlock inhales as John licks his lips. “Particularly satisfying.”

“Satisfying.” John repeats, blinking slowly.

“And useful.”


“Yes.” And with that, Sherlock cups John’s skull and draws him up, pressing his eyes together as their lips meet and stroking his free hand up John’s side, fingers playing along the dips and ridges of his ribs.

John smiles into the kiss.

Title: John
Characters: John (Sherlock)
Prompt: 01. Beginnings
Size: 1000x1000 (after a couple clicks)
Rating: PG (for skellingtons)
Summary: Sherlock's feelings on John re: the previous ficlet.
Spoilers: Nope.
Author's Notes: Very abstract, sorry about that. Part two of the thing.

Title: I Want Your Skin (And the Parts of You that Hide Behind it)
Characters: John/Sherlock
Prompt: 05. Outsides
Word Count: 365
Rating: R
Summary: John explores Sherlock
Spoilers: Nope.
Author's Notes: Part three of the thing.

Sherlock kisses John one afternoon. Tells him he’s got a satisfying skull and uses it to pull him into a kiss. It’s quite surreal.

John loves it. He smiles against Sherlock’s lips and touches the soft skin behind his ears, at the back of his neck, skims his fingers along the pulse in his throat.

Later, he splays Sherlock out on his bed and touches him everywhere.

He digs his thumbs into the pink, vulnerable skin on the bottoms of his feet, strokes the tendons on the tops of them like the strings of a harp. He grips each ankle firmly, and then pushes his hands up Sherlock’s calves. The hairs that catch against the whirls and creases of his palms are a lighter colour than the hair on Sherlock’s head, but coarser, bristling against him, sparse and real.

He brushes the pads of his fingers across the impossibly soft skin behind Sherlock’s knees and then moves upwards, parting Sherlock’s thighs and scooting his own knees higher up on the wrinkled sheets.

He wraps his fingers carefully around Sherlock’s cock, filling out and blushing red, and moves it to the side, dragging his lips across a crease where thigh meets torso and kissing the pale skin beneath Sherlock’s belly button.

Sherlock reaches down with his long, thin arms and cups the back of John’s skull again, drawing him upwards.

John smiles and lifts his hands to Sherlock’s wrists, pressing his thumbs into the hot skin of them and straining up for a kiss.

Sherlock’s lips are tight and plump and perfect, his tongue is pink where it swipes against John’s teeth, and each of the fingers playing at the back of his neck are calloused in a different way.

If he ever met someone like himself they would love the puzzle he presents. John doesn’t need the puzzle, the challenge. Not to love him.

He pulls back and the skin around his eyes crinkles into a smile. “You are so lovely,” He breathes, watching as a red stain sweeps Sherlock’s chest.

Sherlock traces the bones of John’s brow, strokes a finger down the length of his nose, pushes a thumb against his bottom lip.


Title: Sherlock
Characters: Sherlock (John)
Prompt: 03. Ends
Size: 1000x1000 (after a few clicks)
Rating: PG
Summary: John's feelings on Sherlock re: the previous ficlet.
Spoilers: Nope.
Author's Notes: Again with the abstract. But slightly more coherent this time, I imagine John's thoughts are more easily translated than Sherlock's. Fourth and last part of the thing.

Thanks for looking ♥

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