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Title: Curious
Characters: John, Sherlock
Prompt: 056. Breakfast
Word Count: 400
Rating: pg
Summary: The morning after Sherlock's proposed experiment.
Spoilers: None.
Author's Notes: Set directly after Strings. Second in a series.

“I’m not gay.” John said after a brief internal battle over whether to speak before or after he took his first bite of beans. He chose the former and endeavored to chew as studiously as possible, pointedly ignoring Sherlock’s scrutiny.

After a prolonged period of awkwardly intense mastication, Sherlock swallowed a bite of toast and set his elbows on either side of his plate, lacing his fingers together. “I never said you were.”

“You suggested an experiment. Between us.” John pinched his fork between the tips of two fingers and moved it a centimeter to the left on the table.

Sherlock smirked. “Physically.”

“Yes.” John’s eyes were darting back and forth between the vicinities of Sherlock’s face and his own newly fascinating fork.

“Even had you accepted my proposal,” Sherlock paused and gave a short exhalation of amusement when John winced at the word. “It wouldn’t have made you gay.”


“Bi-curious, perhaps.”

John rolled his eyes and they finished their meal in companionable silence, although the smirk never quite fell from Sherlock’s lips.

They were sipping tea when John decided to speak again. “So what made you decide to go bi-curious?”

“Oh I’m not bi-curious.” Sherlock said, removing his napkin from his lap and flattening it against the table. “Women have never interested me.”

“So you’re-?”

“Gay. Curious.” Sherlock squinted as though he was not entirely satisfied with the description, but shrugged and let it lie.

“Gay-curious.” John sucked his lips in and pressed them into an even, amused line.

Sherlock quirked an eyebrow at his flatmate.

John laughed quietly and scooted up straighter in his chair “That’s… Hang on. So you’ve never-”

Sherlock inclined his head and the corner of his mouth turned down in an unassuming smile.

“Huh.” John considered that revelation for a moment.

“Honored?” Sherlock asked, fingers tapping out a soundless rhythm on his slightly-crumpled napkin.

“You might say that.” John allowed.

“And what else might I say?”

“Well… No. Honored suits quite well, actually.” John nodded, “Terrified,” he added, with a prolonged nod. “Slightly. And confused.” He sniffed and held Sherlock’s gaze. “But honored, yes.”

Sherlock’s gaze turned piercing for a short period of time before he relented and gave a slight sigh. “Still not curious, though.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” It was John’s turn to smirk at Sherlock’s surprised look. “Not interested.” He elaborated. “But curious. Oh yes. Definitely curious.”


“...You wish.”

Continued in Friends
Thanks for reading ♥
Tags: 100, column a, fic, sherlock
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